Doggy Daycare

The perfect place for your pup to meet friends! Let our highly experienced staff play, teach and socialise your best friend(s) with other dogs. We have indoor and outdoor facilities designed for dogs of all breeds and sizes. We also have a multitude of toys and games to play. At K9 Klub Doggy Daycare your dog comes first!

K9 Klub has 4 designated play areas:

Our play areas are designed to keep all the dogs safe and happy. We have a play area for each group: one for large dogs, one for small dogs, a puppy pen for dogs aged 12 weeks to 7 months and a secure outside play area where the different groups take turns throughout the day.

Are there any restrictions for Doggy Daycare?

If your dog is over 12 weeks of age (if your pup is over 7 months he/she must be neutered/spayed), is up to date with their vaccinations and is friendly to other dogs, then please fill out an enrollment form and call or book online for an assessment. All dogs are temperament tested to ensure the safety of all members of K9 Klub.

What will my dog do all day?

We have a variety of activities designed specifically for your dog’s enjoyment! We have tyres to chew, sandpits to dig, tunnels to crawl through, balls to chase, bubbles to catch, forts to climb, cuddles to have and spots to nap.

A typical day may look like:

  • Drop off and catch up with friends.
  • Play and cuddles (inside).
  • Everyone inside for lights off and nap time.
  • Play and cuddles (outside).
  • Chill out and training time prior to pick up.
  • Relax and Play while waiting for pickup.
Prices - Dog Bowl

All daycare must be paid on the day or in advance.

1 Day pass . . . $50

For K9Kids who come 3 days a week or more -10 Day Klub pass . . . $450

Temperament Assessment . . . $50